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Technology Solutions & Digital Marketing

Under One Roof

Computer Chip

Outsource Your IT Department

Meet the demands of your growth with excellent customer service, proven leadership, and expert knowledge in IT. 

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Outsorce Your IT Department

Digital Marketing

Pay-Per-Click and Geo-Location Advertising

Our designers have years of experience building campaigns and targeting audiences to get you noticed, increase sales, and drive traffic.

Content Management

To meet the marketing challenges of small businesses poised for growth, we offer social media content management plans that are reasonable and affordable.

Graphic Design for All Your Digital Needs

Websites, brochures, logos, app design, et al, our gifted designers build content that is branded and carefully curated to connect with your audience.

Outsource Your Marketing Department

As your business experiences a swell of growth, and you are innovating to maximize your marketing budget, consider outsourcing your Marketing Department. Our team is ready to offer and implement creative solutions to promote your business.

Digital Marketing

Cyber Security

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Security Audits
Network Administration


Do you need a CISO. CTO, or CIO? Hire a VCxO from Newwave Technology, and  outsource that position today.  

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